Carved Halloween Pumpkins

Carved Halloween Pumpkins

1 – Pick your perfect pumpkin!  Be sure it has no soft spots or mold forming.

2 – Cut off the top of the pumpkin big enough for your hand to reach in.

3 – Scoop out all the pumpkin’s guts so it’s completely clean.

4 – Start carving!  Be careful to lift and re-insert your saw on sharp corners.  Use an up and down sawing motion with gentle pressure as you carve.  Use caution not to slip and cut yourself with the sharp pumpkin carving knife.

5 – Wash your pumpkin so it’s completely clean.  Consider adding some bleach to the water to help prevent mold from forming.

6 – Dry off the pumpkin and place a light inside it for all to view your awesome jack o lantern design.


Remember that you can carve all sorts of pumpkins…it doesn’t just have to be a face pattern, you can also carve a number of Halloween items and characters that would be a great fit for your Halloween decor.  Try carving Halloween cats or witches or even haunted houses would be a neat glowing pattern that you can carve from your Halloween pumpkin.  If you need more ideas on how to carve a pumpkin for Halloween, simply check out this website for more details and pumpkin carving patterns.


What are Pumpkin Carving Stencils?

Pumpkin Carving Stencils

You might have heard about the latest craze to hit the world of jack o lantern carving…pumpkin stencils!  If you aren’t certain what they are, I can easily explain. These stencils are simply templates you use to be able to carve awesome designs on your pumpkin that you might not other be able to create unless you were a professional artist.  Pumpkin carving stencils allow you to make awesome designs on your pumpkins that are pre-made and easy to carve.  Now don’t be fooled, just because they are easy doesn’t mean they are boring!  In fact, the most amazing carved jack o lanterns I’ve seen have used a stencil in order to make them.  You simply transfer the design of your stencil image right on to your pumpkin and then start carving!


Where to Find Pumpkin Carving Stencils?

If you are looking for some incredible art to carve on your pumpkins this Halloween, you are in luck.  This website is the place to start.   You’ll get free pumpkin carving stencils and you can also purchase a package full of all kinds of patterns, faces, characters, and Halloween items.  What a great way to start carving Halloween pumpkins!  Even older children can do this, as long as they are supervised since the carving saws you need to carve a pumpkin are very sharp and it can be slippery if you have a juicy pumpkin!  Just use caution and carve slowly, especially around tight corners and small areas on your design.

Only 20 Days Until Halloween – Did you get your free pumpkin carving patterns yet?

The countdown has begun…we are less than 3 weeks away from Halloween which means it’s time to start thinking about carving your pumpkins.  Now you might not want to carve your Halloween pumpkins yet since they only last about one week, however you can start practicing and also use some to decorate your house these few weeks leading up the the great October holiday.  If you want the most impressive jack o lanterns on the block this autumn, you’ll want to be sure to grab your free pumpkin carving patterns from this site that I offer you.

Free Pumpkin Carving Patterns

I offer free pumpkin carving patterns here so you can see how easy it is to use these templates to carve your jack o lantern faces and characters.  Once you check out the samples, you can then purchase the entire course which has 150 patterns in it.  The course offers all types of stencils so you can decide which ones you want to carve.  Just go ahead and start with the free samples and learn how to do pumpkin carving then you’ll want to go ahead and purchase some more advanced patterns that are easy for even beginners and someone who has never carved a pumpkin before.


New to Pumpkin Carving Patterns?

Don’t worry if you are new to using pumpkin carving patterns because I show you step-by-step on video how to carve properly, safely, and easily.  That’s all you need to do is watch the simple videos and you’ll be able to copy exactly what I do.  You’ll be using the stencils in no time to carve awesome pumpkins that are much more exciting than a plain old simple jack o lantern face.  Sounds like a great October holiday project to do with your older kids and spouse, huh?  I just know you’ll love having a blast with this fun pumpkin craft that everyone can enjoy doing and looking at once you have an awesome finished product by using pumpkin carving patterns.

Pumpkin Carving Templates

Pumpkin Carving Templates

To make awesome carved jack o lanterns like the photo above, you’ll need to use pumpkin carving templates.  This allows you to create professional designs that you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.  Think of it as using stencils to make a gorgeous work of art.  Now you can showcase a beautiful carved pumpkin for Halloween that you might not have been able to carve without the template.  Forget boring designs with just simple faces when you can make all kinds of autumn and Halloween designs.  Detailed faces can also be made; how about some really scary or really funny faces?

Free Pumpkin Carving Templates

If you want free pumpkin carving templates, you’ll find that you’ve come to the right place.  We offer free patterns right here so that you can start making awesome Halloween pumpkins right away.  These free templates help you to see how easy it is to carve pumpkins for Halloween so simply and better than you ever have before. To request your free Halloween patterns that you can download and print from your computer right away, just fill out the email request form that you’ll find along the bottom of the page.

How to Use Pumpkin Carving Templates

Pumpkin Carving Templates, pumpkin templates, jack o lantern templates, halloween pumpkin templates  I don’t suggest tracing them or drawing on the pumpkin at all because the juice from inside the jack o lantern will make it messy and will wipe away the lines you drew anyhow. Simply use a poker that comes in your carving kit or even better, a thumbtack works really well to poke the holes about 1/4 to 1/8 inches all the way around every line on the pattern.

Learn How to Carve a Pumpkin With Pumpkin Carving Templates

Pumpkin Carving Patterns: How to Carve a… by learnquilling

Learn how to carve jack o lanterns with this easy to follow video showing you step by step how to use pumpkin carving templates to make awesome Halloween pumpkins.  You’ll see how simple it is to make professional designs using templates.  Your neighbors will think that your jack o lanterns were professional carved when they see the amazing designs you’ve made. It will just be our little secret that you used a template to make the spooky carved pumpkin that is proudly being displayed on your front porch every night leading up to Halloween.

Visit Easy Pumpkin Carving Patterns and Get 2 Free Halloween Carving Patterns

Did you see our press release that was just announced today?

Start your Halloween off right with easy pumpkin carving patterns to help you create the most amazing jack o lanterns. If you’ve ever been intrigued by detailed pumpkin carvings and wondered how it was done, you can now learn the secret. Head over to and grab your free patterns. These are pumpkin stencils you use to create jack o lanterns with all kinds of Halloween characters and items in your design. The best part is that no previous experience is necessary, so you don’t have to have even carved a pumpkin before.

Jack O Lanterns are one of the foundational decorations for Halloween so you’ll want to make sure to include them as part of your holiday décor. You can find pumpkins at many local pumpkin patches but also in grocery stores as well. Once you’ve picked out your perfect pumpkin you’ll want to plan what to carve. Chose your favorite pumpkin carving pattern and grab your carving saw. You can purchase pumpkin carving saws at most Halloween or party stores; I’ve even found them in grocery stores during October too. Now you’ll transfer the design onto the pumpkin and will be able to make the exact same pattern on your pumpkin. Pumpkin carving patterns like this allow you to have a professional looking image on your jack o lantern.

“My favorite part of Halloween has always been jack o lanterns. I never knew the secret to making awesome carved pumpkins until I discovered pumpkin carving patterns, now I’m able to wow my neighbors with the awesome pumpkins I’ve carved.” said Jenn Spencer, of Easy Pumpkin Carving Patterns.

If you’ve always wanted to carve awesome pumpkins but weren’t sure how to do it, you’ve just discovered the secret. Pick your perfect pumpkin and then grab some easy pumpkin carving patterns so you can start making amazing jack o lanterns for this Halloween.

About Easy Pumpkin Carving Patterns: For a limited time, you can get free pumpkin carving patterns to you can try out carving your own jack o lantern. Once you see how easy it is, you can purchase a full package with hundreds of stencils that you can use over and over for many Halloween seasons.

Pumpkin Carving Patterns: Where to Get FREE Pumpkin Carving Patterns

Pumpkin Carving Patterns

Pumpkin carving patterns are THE best way to make amazing jack o lanterns this Halloween.  There’s not better way to completely WOW your friends, family, and neighbors when you show them the incredible designs you’ve put on your pumpkins.  Which one of the hundreds of pumpkin carving patterns will you chose? A bat? Witch? Scary face or funny face?  How about a haunted house or owl?  There are endless possibilities with pumpkin carving patterns which is one of the things I love about it.  The other benefit of using stencils is that you can have a professional design without needing to be amazingly crafty and artistic like you might think.  You can use the talents of those who created the stencils to help make your Halloween decorations simply perfect.


Free Pumpkin Carving Patterns

While the best pumpkin carving patterns will be paid, you can definitely find some free Halloween stencils online too.  That’s at least a good place to start so you can see how easy it is and super fun to make awesome jack o lanterns. This also gives you an opportunity to try before you buy which I just love.  Most websites will offer a free lesson or two so you can try out sample pumpkin carving patterns.  Then you can purchase the ones that you like.  Or if you want to purchase through this website, you’ll get an incredible 150 patterns in one package for a super low price which is a great deal.


Easy Pumpkin Carving Patterns

You definitely want to start out with easy pumpkin carving patterns before you go to the really advanced ones with a lot of small parts to carve.  Remember that a pumpkin can be challenging to carve with it’s thick walls so you need to be sure to practice with easier stencils before going to the really difficult ones.  Now the best thing would be to grab some really cheap pumpkins and start practicing your jack o lanterns on there or just take your time on really difficult patterns so you don’t make a mistake.  The easy patterns can be done quickly, in under 30 minutes, but some of the more difficult jack o lantern stencils can take hours and hours.

Make the most amazing pumpkins this Halloween with free pumpkin carving patterns.


Designs for Pumpkins

Designs for Pumpkins

There are so many types of designs for pumpkins that it is exciting to be able to choose your favorite one and create a unique jack o lantern design.  You can get designs that are characters and faces or more intricate ideas even.  To start you just need to pick which pattern you want to carve on your pumpkin and then you transfer the stencil onto it and carve by following that pattern.  This is the simple and easy way to make awesome designs for your pumpkins that you otherwise would have had to go to a professional to purchase or learn intricate carving at an art school or class.  These designs make it simple for anyone, even if you have never carved a jack o lantern before (or if you haven’t carved since doing basic faces as a kid!)  You’ll be surprised how easy it is to create an amazing finished product that will totally WOW your friends and family.  I’ve really enjoyed showing off my carved pumpkin designs that only took me just a little bit of time to create and it was something I made all by myself which is always a great feeling.

If you want to check out designs for pumpkins in my full course, you can take a look here: Designs for Pumpkins

Pumpkin Carving Stencils

Pumpkin Carving Stencils

Have you wanted to make an awesome jack o lantern but didn’t know where to start?  You’ll want to check out pumpkin carving stencils which are a great way to make carved pumpkins that stand out and get noticed on Halloween nights as they are glowing from your front porch step.  Can you imagine creating a carved pumpkin that looks like a professional design?  That’s exactly what you will be able to do when you carve pumpkins with stencils because you can use the expertise of a professional artist and just trace their pumpkin design to make a jack o lantern that is just awesome.  I love using pumpkin carving stencils since it allows me to make carved pumpkins I’d never be able to make otherwise. You’re probably just like me…you like to create but don’t have the fine skills to create a very advanced pattern.  That’s why you’re going to LOVE using stencils and carving out a pattern by using that template.  It’s the best way to make awesome pumpkins for Halloween!

Carved Pumpkin Patterns

Need some ideas for carved pumpkin patterns?  Look at these awesome jack o lantern designs!  I just love the variety of stencils you can use and carve into pumpkins for Halloween.  Ghosts and skeletons!  Witches and wolves! Owls and trees!  Scary faces and funny faces!  There are SO many choices of pumpkin patterns you can carve into your pumpkins to make awesome jack o lantern designs from your templates.  These simple stencils are easy to use so you can be able to make amazing designs that will simply WOW your Halloween guests.


What is your favorite carved pumpkin pattern?

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